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Sobriety During the Storm

Photo by Bongkarn Thanyakij from Pexels

For those of you trying to stay sober in these challenging times - some links and some thoughts. First the thoughts. Remember how Alcoholics Anonymous first started. It started in 1935 with two alcoholics who had something in common. They were both trying not to drink and the power of two people seemed to help. That very connection grew and continued to pave the way for many others to stay successful at not using their drug of choice. ​Currently there are many different types of groups dedicated to different addictions – both substance and behavioral. These include a variety of 12-step meetings and other groups such as Smart Recovery, all dedicated to maintaining sobriety. Sometimes it’s the ‘normalizing’ as therapists call it, sometimes it’s the sharing of ‘coping skills’ or things that do work with efforts to become and stay sober… and sometimes it’s as simple as accountability. Others are expecting you to show up.

There probably was never a better time for all of us to discover more about our unique ways of coping with stress.

While it is going to be a different experience finding support right now, it’s not impossible. Find another person or several and if you can’t find an online group in these resources, or if that doesn’t appeal to you or the technology is daunting, get on the telephone and start reaching out. It still works. It’s also possible to start a group, even a conference call with a few will work. Sometimes just being online or on the phone with others helping them can take you out of yourself. That still works. Find a reason to be grateful each day. Create some structure each day by planning your next day or two and be sure to include the previously mentioned items. Check on my Resources page that I have set up in this website and click on links to different resources for example Cocaine Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous to name a few. Many have updated their web pages with information on how to connect with others during this time. Here are a few links to get you started. Also, below a link to Social Distancing and Addiction Recovery, a new YouTube video from . This contains a great deal of information to assist those in recovery. Starting and/or maintaining a new life without drugs or alcohol is possible. There probably was never a better time for all of us to discover more about our unique ways of coping with stress. Maybe it’s a time to look at what those are and make some changes. Smart Recovery A note from AA Central office in NY LA AA Meetings online Ventura County AA Meetings A note from Alanon Central office in NY regarding electronic meetings Social Distancing and Addiction Recovery

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